Sunday, April 10, 2011

Painting...Caitlyn....Cats...Book Trailers

Just when I start to feel more like a busy teacher than an author (writing a French musical version of Jack and the Beanstalk right now as a follow-up to our wildly successful Hansel and Gretel last year/preparing for the second part of our SEVEC French language exchange/actually trying to do my regular job) I got a very eloquent "fan letter" - en francais - for Chloe: un portrait. (The French language version of Painting Caitlyn). And then, I discovered this way-cool Painting Caitlyn book trailer which was created for an English class. And that stuff makes me remember that I am an author, too. How awesome is that? PS The Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery is having their Celebrity Art Challenge in June this year. Once again, they are looking for celebrities to paint small canvases that can be auctioned off. They are clearly a bit desperate 'cuz they keep asking me. Anyone out there reading this know someone with a more recognizable name who could do a painting for them???? The one I did for them last year was this, inspired by a friend's cat, named Luna: